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Pavilion 1 is a semi-private space that offers a mix of standing and seating options for up to 50 people.

  • Beyond 50 guests, space may become limited, but we can arrange tall tables outside the area to accommodate more people if necessary.

  • There is no fee for reserving this area.

The second option is the Sports Bar/Dancefloor area located behind the main bar. It can host 50-100 individuals at tall and small tables around the dance floor.

  • This section is not exclusive but can be segregated by a sheer curtain or bollards.

We can arrange a tea and coffee station in your designated area for $120, including Nescafe coffee and specialty teas for 100 guests.

Pre-event considerations:

  • Would you like a slideshow of photos in the area?

  • Do you require a tea and coffee station in the area?

  • Any guests with dietary restrictions to be taken into account for menu options?

  • Would you like a table set up for flowers and/or photos?

  • Are you interested in having a bar tab?

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